Passport/characterization data query of Phaseolus vulgaris

   In this section you can make a search for the passport and characterization data of accessions of Phaseolus vulgaris. For queries in the fields Institution, Biological status, Country of origin and Province, it is required to choose one option in the related pull-down list. For the rest of the fields, any character chain can be input, and the search will find the accessions where the input chain matches any part of the field.

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  Descriptor List

Accession number:

Characterization Data

Growth habit of young plant:

Days to flowering:

Color of wings:

Color of standard:

Presence of veins:

Homogeneity in flower color:

Bracteole shape:

Pod length (cm):

Immature pod color:

Snap bean:

Seed color:

Main color:

Secondary color:

Seed coat pattern:

Seed shape I:

Seed shape II:

Brilliance of seed:

Seed veining:

Colored edge around hilum:

Weight of 100 seeds:

Seed size:

Seed length (mm):

Seed width (mm):

Seed heigth (mm):

Seed filling:

Commercial class:

Water absorption in 24 h (%):

Water absorption speed (%):

Boiling time (min):

Water absorption at the end of boiling (%):

Absorbed water during boiling (%):

% of whole beans after boiling:

Seed coat roughness:



Seed coat perceptibility:



Phaseolin type:

Resistance to Sclerotinia:

Resistance to Pseudomonas in leaf:

Resistance to Pseudomonas in pod:

Resistance to Xanthomonas in leaf:

Resistance to Xanthomonas in pod:

Resistance to Common Mosaic:

Resistance to Necrosis Mosaic:

Passport data:

Accession name:


Biological status of accession:


Country of origin:

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